Our Story

Located in Waterloo, Ontario, The Laurier Centre for Women in Science (WinS) was founded in 2012 as a research centre to promote greater equity in science. WinS is now an engaged community of students, staff members, faculty members and community/industry partners. 

Find out more about us at wlu.ca/wins

Our Mission

The Laurier Centre for Women in Science (WinS) aims to build an inclusive community for women in science through research, communication and action.

Our Motto

At WinS, our motto is E²C: Explore, Engage, Connect.

Explore: Support and facilitate research by women and about women in science and mathematical social sciences.
Engage: Develop and implement evidence-based strategies and trigger new conversations to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in science.
Connect: Build strong networks and unique partnerships with academia, industry and government that promote and publicize inclusive science in the community.

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Laurier Centre for Women in Science (WinS) 
Updated July 2020